Animal Life
Each species is a masterpiece, a creation assembled with extreme care and genius. ~Edward O. Wilson
Again inspired by the species of Africa, this collection of work is built to decorate the human body by designing the most basic form of clothing worn in the Western World today, the T-Shirt. Avoiding the stamp, or common brand on the chest, these illustrations wrap around the side of the body or up around the neck and down the back. The designs focus on the studies of positive and negative forms but this time with hand-drawn doodles. They are developed form my previous work :  For The Love of Africa.
Tentacles : Two colour print of the octapus and underwater species on navy t-shirt
Out the Water & Into the Savannah : Two colour print of the crocodiles of Africa
Lady Ladybird : Two colour print of the luck of ladybirds
Flying Dolphins : Two colour print of Dolphins in, out and around the sunset
Pretty Peacock : Two colour print of the elegant peacock and her precious feathers

Tentacles: Chest and back design starting from the neck and running down the back

Out the Water & Into the Savannah : With a small detail beginning on the back side of the t-shirt and running all the way to the front
Lady Ladybirds : Crawling along the side of the T Shirt

Flying Dolphins : Fron, Back & Everywhere

Pretty Peacock : With her precious feathers flying off everywhere

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