Just Blue
From Digital to Analog and back again

The original poster for "Maybe it's time to go back to our roots" was created back in 2011 when the only thing we would hear about day and night was the crisis. Since then though, all media has been given very limited attention and the world seems like A Whole New World! In this world there are loads of people who are willing and ready to get together to learn, to teach and to share great things - one set of people are the printers TIND and ERATO who together are transforming the way designers produce and sell their work in Greece. Their ideas and techniques are based on the traditional silk screen process - the basics of printing - where mixing colours and getting paint all over your hands is still possible, where trial and error is alive and living with each and every print. This technique was a perfect fit for creating my poster. It resembled all the qualities I was searching for. I went back to the basics and drew the poster from scratch, found out what masking ink was, and used a paintbrush again. TIND and ERATO then patiently showed me the tricks and joys of screen printing to create the five color prints. Each one is unique as the colors would darken or lighten as we printed. 
Back to basics. Redrawing the doodle.
Getting some tips from the master
Great natural resource that keeps out the light on the transparency
Allowing some light into some areas
Final touches
Burning the screen
Washing off the emulsion
Getting the colour ready
And the colour is ready
Beautiful colour
And print
And first colour done
Blue for the Sea
Ready for the second colour
Saving some paint
Second colour done
More burning
More cleaning
All stacked up
More blue
Checking the differences on all the blues
The final layer
The outlines and handwritten typography
A little more washing
Cleaning up the type
Checking the details
More type
The wasted type
The Final Piece : Maybe It's Time To Go Back To Our Roots
18seconds of snapshots
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