One Love : Make it Count
A micro production project of t-shirts, tote bags and prints
A bold and simple two colour design was created for this mini production line of t-shirts, tote bags and prints. The crucial part in this project was to begin to bridge the gap between design and production. Although on a very elementary level, there is something magical in having contact with the final product, in carving out the template, in touching the fabric, in getting your hands dirty with paint and finally, in producing something that can be used, worn and torn. Each piece becomes unique with its own imperfections.
Canvas ready. Screen ready.
One heart. One love.
There is perfection in inperfection
Getting warmed up
& More. More. More.
I <3 Totes
The first stencil, over. Ready for round two.
Finding the perfect resgistration.
Second colour coming on.
More black.
One Love. Make It Count.
A couple more totes.
One Love. Make It Count. Red & Black on White.
For Wear & Tear.
Totes for the one you love.
All counter holes in the type gone.
Production done. T-Shirts, totes and prints.
One Love in action.
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