​​​​​​​The Drums of Africa is a visually expressed personal guidance system. Our ancestors have documented the lessons of life into profound proverbs that can be easily remembered and referred to in our approach to everyday life. The series displays these proverbs as typographic compositions combined with tribal forms found in South Africa’s folk arts and crafts. In fact, symbolic elements from the intricate beadwork of the Bantu-speaking tribes, the refined basketry of the Zulu, and the highly coloured, bold, geometric forms of the Ndebele, ordain the fragile hand-drawn Helvetica type. The result is a combination of contemporary type, decorated with traditional silhouettes. Upholding the lessons and motivations of African culture, the compositions serve as daily affirmations and motivations.

The original oil paintings are on display at Kozi’s : Meet ’n Eat, an African inspired restaurant in Athens, Greece.
You can purchase limited edition signed prints of these works from my Etsy store &
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