Yeboland is dedicated to bringing The Adventures of Ziko to life.
The character of Ziko was developed and the stage set for his character to develop further on the various adventures in and around people's lives. Ziko is inspired by the odd but cute and adorable kind of things you find in people everyday!

The Story Of Ziko
It all started one sunny afternoon in Afrika when Ziko was taken from his homeland and transported off the Continent to some far off land.
He was devastated.
He even contemplated jumping off the plane (but with a parachute of course).
Ziko was miserable.
He had left his Great Grandfather and all the members of the Royal tribe.
His dream of becoming the King of The Bananaki tribe was shattered.
And then, when things couldn't get any worse, Ziko was told that there were no bananas in the new land.

No bananas? Are you kidding me...i'm going to become extinct.
No friends, no love, no bananas. The future was looking bleak.
But slowly, Ziko started to become accustomed to the ways of the new world.
He found his heroes...
Remembered his dreams...
And even found ways to have a couple of giggles. 
Sometimes he wasn't all that sure of himself.
But soon Ziko discovered that there was a power within him far greater than any amount of bananas could give him.
Ziko had discovered his true self - Super Ziko.
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The Making Of Ziko
Capturing Magic Moments from crazy people around me
Drawing. Drawing. Drawing.
Drawing. Drawing. Drawing.
Drawing. Drawing. Drawing.
Doing The Details
Doing The Details
Ziko. Ziko. Ziko Everywhere.
Figuring Out Ziko
Cheeky Ziko
Scary Ziko
More Scary Ziko
Yeboland : With Ziko In The Hood
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